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27th November 2012, MB reference: 1361

MB Services has recently received a recurring complaint from both export and import customers' which we believe is extremely important and would like to share with prospective clients. The issue that export and import customers alike are facing today is that they have financial capital that they are keen to invest in assets but they are increasingly struggling to find a trustworthy and reliable partner to cooperate with in the United Kingdom. This is particularly with respect to the purchase of vehicles from the UK for export to Northern Cyprus. The most recent customer, for example, asked MB Services


"is it worth my time and effort to come all this way [to the UK from Northern Cyprus] to buy a van?"


This particular customer was visiting the UK for the first time, having only flown to meet the company he was dealing with. After speaking with MB Services the customer was elated and could not wait to get back to his home country and make plans to purchase a second van plus machinery from the UK. The customer was content that he had found a trustworthy company that he could work with from Northern Cyprus, who could work on his behalf, be trusted with his money, and he would no longer have to spend money, time and energy flying to the UK. The moral of the story for export and import customers, therefore, is that yes, it is worth coming to the UK if you wish to see how business operates here, but if you would rather not visit then you do not have to, but you will have to make the right connections here who can be trusted to act on your behalf. 


For anyone seeking a partner in the UK, contact MB Services today to discuss your concerns and/or requirements and we will help you.

Remember, NO V.A.T on export orders to


Northern Cyprus and non-EEC countries.

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