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Export and Import - ihracat ve ithalat hizmetleri

MB Services has been promoting and supporting the great British export market for decades by winning substantial orders from developing countries. MB Services is committed to showing the world that the quality of service provided in the United Kingdom continues to be among the best around the globe. Contact us today to get seriously connected.

MB Shipping Services specialise in providing our customers with transportation and distribution services to Northern Cyprus. Our expertise and enthusiasm for customer satisfaction, perfection and professionalism has meant that we have become a leading authority in shipping, providing tailored transportation and haulage services to meet the needs of todays fast-paced business world. Whether you are shipping a suitcase or a vehicle, MB Services ensures that your personal effects are sent safely, efficiently and economically. Give us a call for your next shipment and discuss your requirements with us.


Northern Cyprus is a fresh, thriving country that harbours business savvy entrepreneurs and local businesses who are tryin to develop the country further to increase the general well-being and prosperity of its citizens. They have vast ambitions, viable aspirations and big ideas about growth and development.


MB Services, its founding creator himself from Cyprus, has an intimate knowledge of the country, what it is doing commercially and where it is trying to go, and is keen to assist enthusiastic, genuine and serious individuals or businesses in realising their plans. Share your ideas with MB Services - together we can make things happen. Contact us now.


Remember, NO V.A.T on export orders to


Northern Cyprus and non-EEC countries.



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