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MB Services has been promoting and supporting the great British export market for decades by winning substantial orders from developing countries. MB Services is committed to showing the world that the quality of service provided in the United Kingdom continues to be among the best around the globe. Contact us today to get seriously connected.

Are you a business person, company, organisation or individual, living outside of the United Kingdom?

Do you believe that you or your business can benefit from having a contact in the United Kingdom?

·        trust and feel safe trading with

·        place orders for goods

·        purchase the correct goods

·        safe and secure transportation of the goods to their point of export

MB Services believes good business is all about establishing a good measure of trust. Good contacts. Good communication. Good decisions. Good deals. The ability to hear, listen and focus on our customers wants and needs in order to both agree on and deliver on our commitments, to create continuity and repeat business is of the utmost importance to us.

If this appeals to you, contact us. We understand that first contact is the most difficult, however it is a necessary step in the process of creating and building a new and positive business relationship. Form a connection between yourself and MB Services today. Do not hesitate, make the call.


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Remember, NO V.A.T on export orders to


Northern Cyprus and non-EEC countries.

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